' Winged Palm ' at Art Perchance 2006, Minneapolis Institute of Arts

Here are some simple guidelines that will maximize the life of your artwork and keep it in pristine viewing condition:


Use only acid-free materials (mats, adhesives and backing) in the presentation. Ask your frame shop for ' conservation mounting and matting.'

Display the print under glass or Plexiglas that is
UV protected / filtered.

Hang the presentation away from direct sunlight.

Avoid exposure to extreme humidity or wide variation in temperature.


Permanence of Giclée Prints
The inks and papers that I use have a permanence rating of 100+ years when displayed under glass in normal room light. This rating is provided by Wilhelm Imaging Research, the accepted reference for most museums and galleries.

Longevity of Platinum Prints
Prints made with the 'noble metals' are very stable. The platinum/palladium process originated in the mid-1800's and many of those early prints are still displayed in museums today. They will continue to impress viewers with their vibrance and tonal range for generations to come.

I recommend that you frame your print upon receipt.

If you choose to leave your artwork unframed for an extended period of time, it should be removed from the shipping materials and stored flat, away from light and excess humidity. Both sides of the print should be protected by acid-free interleaving tissue or acid-free mat board.