New Works Gallery

The New Works Gallery is a space for Silver Eye members to exhibit their recent work, rotating each month. The two-person exhibition is dedicated to keeping members and visitors informed of contemporary trends in the field. The New Works Gallery features images by photographers selected from submissions to Silver Eye’s Exhibition Opportunities.

New Works Gallery: June 25 – July 19, 2008
Features: Dorothy Gantenbein of Fremont, CA and Beth Lehman of Minneapolis, MN

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Around the Bend, 2006 © Dorothy Gantenbein Starry Web © Beth Lehman
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Dorothy Gantenbein


Lights seen at night in the forest – running and dancing through the trees. Thought to be fairies or sprites. Origin Appalachia.

This series of images was found by happy accident. The results were surprising and completely unexpected. The glimpses of mystery and a ittle magic kept me searching for new images. Most were taken along Highway 880 and roads near my home in Fremont with a sprinkling from Yosemite.

The look of Foxfire is done in camera. Photoshop was used mainly for cropping and tonal adjustments (sometime extreme tonal adjustments). Even I am surprised at the resulting colors. The Foxfire series started with the image, Around the Bend.

P.S.  I discovered the term Foxfire from watching an old X-Files show very late one night.


Beth Lehman

Natural Abstractions

The Natural Abstractions series explores the intimate architecture of living things. Looking close-up and close-in, I respond to the patterns and textures of plant forms as “visual music.” At times, the structural dynamic is majestic, expressed with thrusting line or bold color. Elsewhere, the rhythm rises softly from a delicate edge or subtle gradation in palette. Taken as a whole, these photographic meditations transform ordinary botanical specimens into something far more ethereal and archetypal. My hope is that viewers see more than strong visual design within these images. I would like to inspire fresh appreciation for nature’s sensuous and lyrical geometry.

Beth Lehman completed the Post Baccalaureate Program at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design (MCAD) in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a concentration in photography and printmaking. Images from her Natural Abstractions series were recently featured in Camera Arts (Nov/Dec 2007 issue) and presented in a solo show at the Minneapolis Photographic Studio & Gallery (May 2007). Her fine art photographs have been exhibited nationally and are held in private and corporate collections.

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